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What ingredients do you use?

What ingredient I like to use with almost all my products is coconut oil. 

What makes your products all natural?

I use products that are mostly found in your home and don't use any preservatives which help the product have a longer shelf life or added chemicals. Most of my products are 5 ingredients or less and easy to work with. Because there is nothing extra added they don't have as long of a shelf life to them (they need to be thrown away within 6 months) but that means you are getting fresh ingredients and not adding anything extra to your body.

What all do you make?

The short answer is a variety of gifts. I make gifts in vinyl, heat transfer and fabric. I don't do embroidery but I do sew. 


I started Stitching Star Designs in 2016 because I was already creating outfits and room decorations for my oldest daughter Easton. When I was pregnant with her in 2013, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for to create her ocean themed nursery so I made everything. I sewed the curtains, bedding and burp rags then took photos at aquariums and made them large photos to hang on her walls. As she got older I started making skirts and dresses for her and had a few friends request things also. After a while I figured why not start a business to sell things that I had already been making.

My parents both were very creative and had various creative hobbies while I was growing up. My mom sewed, drew, did wheat weaving, knitted and made crafts. My dad did woodworking, rope braiding, leather work, wood burning and welding. They both taught me different forms of art some which I picked up easily like sewing and some woodworking. Others I couldn't do at all like knitting and leather work. But my passion for being creative for sure came from them.

I want Stitching Star to be a creative outlet for me but also to help people find customized and personalized gifts that are different from what they can find anywhere else. I don't want to just focus in fabric or just in vinyl and heat transfer. I want to do it all. I want to use skills that I learned in school like my degree in photography and learning graphic design to incorporate into my work. I want to learn new skills like jewelry design where I have no experience but I'm willing to learn and try. I don't want to just rest on what I know now but to learn new techniques for various art forms. I want to push past my comfort level.

I started Virgo Star Beauty because of Covid-19 quarantine in March 2020. I couldn't get relief for my inflammation and joint pain from regular medicine nor get my regular injections. I also had an abundance of herbs from my garden that I read could help with inflammation and at the very least be used to relax. I started doing research and looking up what I could make. After testing a few things I realized I was falling in love with something new. Because all natural herbal beauty products are way different than what I'm doing with Stitching Star and obviously they aren't photography like from Virgo Immen I thought I should combine the two names of my businesses to create something different but still tied to my brand. I'm still learning a lot and adding new recipes but I'm excited for anyone who has tested out my products and so far I've had great reviews.


  • Aubrey, Texas, United States