April update

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24 Apr

I have been meaning to update my blog for a while now but our spring has been very busy. Here is an update on what I've been working on and everything that is keeping us busy.

I just finished up Easter orders over the weekend. I was making Easter themed bags as well as some Easter gifts for my family. I had a vendor event at my daughter's school that was a PTO event. I spent weeks making a variety of items to sell. My newest and favorite thing I'm making is Dr. Seuss book pillows. I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and Joann's and there are 10 titles. They are easy to make and perfect for little ones. I've also been making little kid purses, t-shirts, onesies and doll bedding. Because I'm a girl mom and we have a ton of dolls of course I had to use scrap fabric to make pillows and blankets for all of the dolls. I'm sure other mom's have had their dish towels and wash clothes taken for dolls but this was why I had to make some for my girls.

Besides work, my husband has been traveling for work about every week or every other week. I'm coaching Easton's tball team so we've had games every weekend since March 30. Easton has kindergarten graduation coming up soon. I've been working a lot on The Broad Collective's spring vendor event Simply Shopping. With it coming up I've been advertising, making items for my table, growing the group, etc. Hopefully this summer I can get a website started and really grow the group. I would like to add more events as well. 

We are heading to Kansas this weekend for an auction for my dad's memorial. We'll finish up tball May 18. I'm debating on doing another vendor event at the beginning of May. Easton will graduate and has a music program. Before we know it, summer will be here and then we'll be busy with all of our summer events.