What you should wear for photos

06 Jan

One of the most asked questions is what should I wear for photos? I often see women asking this question on various groups I belong to and have been asked it as a photographer as well. First off, just relax. Don't stress about what to wear. One of the biggest mistakes people make is stressing out and overthinking their choices. Next, follow these suggestions when choosing your outfit or your families outfits:


Wearing something comfortable. Fancier than your pjs but not something too tight you can't breathe or move. Something you don't have to either tug down or pull up. 

Try on outfits before your session. Make sure everything fits, is clean and wrinkle free. 

Wearing colors and patterns. Mix and match colors and add a print

Being yourself. Don't dress completely different from how you normally dress that you don't look like you. 

Keeping it simple with accessories. Big jewelry, big bows or too many layers are distracting

Remembering your undergarments are important also. Be mindful of your undergarments showing whether it is a bra strap or underwear poking out. 


Being too matchy. Everyone in the same exact color makes for a boring picture. 

Wearing clothes with words. Unless it is one word and you have a specific reason for wearing it (ie birthday, promotional). Often times the clothes move and letters get cut off which can change what a word says. Also, letters draw a person's eye directly to it instead of the main point of focus which should be the face. 

Mixing patterns. Stick to one pattern. No polka dot tops and stripe pants.

Choosing too bright or too dark of clothing. Neon colors should be avoided as well as all black.

Forgetting about your shoes. Many clients get caught up in their outfits that they forget about their shoes. Shoes are usually seen in photos. Avoid light up shoes for kids. Females, if you aren't used to wearing heels I would suggest a short heel or flats. When outside, be mindful of walking distance to location, weather and terrain. 

These of course are suggestions and don't have to be followed. If you ever have a question, don't be afraid to ask. I'm here to help make your session go smoothly and that includes before your session.

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