Where I started

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16 Nov

I've always loved photography. Sure that sounds cliche but I really have. When I was a kid I would pose my pets, sister, friends and toys so I could photograph them. I used disposable cameras. My parents indulged in my obsession by always buying me more cameras, developing my film and encouraging me along the way. 

In high school I joined the yearbook so I could write and be a photographer. I placed 3rd for yearbook theme when my partner Ashley and I lit a flower on fire and took a photo. I won 1st place in copy editing. In college I worked at the university newspaper The Bulletin while at Emporia State University. I was a writer, photographer, opinion writer and then copy editor and managing editor. My favorite was being a sports photographer especially football. Once I left the newspaper, I worked at University Photography where I took photos for the campus. While at Washburn University I was an intern at The Topeka RoadRunners hockey team. I was their photographer and ran their social media pages. When I finished my intern hours, I was hired as their photographer and worked there from 2012 to 2014. 

In 2013 I decided to start my own business. At the time my husband was working at a pet store so I spoke with the owner about cleaning out the basement and turning it into my own studio. After a lot of cleaning, painting and moving things out I had my own studio. Then in 2015 Travis changed jobs and we moved to Texas. I was really scared to not only be away from family but to basically start over as a photographer. Things started off slow obviously because I had a smaller studio space and had to meet all new people. But these last 3 years have been great. I've met so many nice people and have been so inspired I want to grow my business. We just bought a house in September and that has opened up a lot more opportunities because not only do I have more space again but where my studio is located in our house it makes it so much easier to use especially with having two kids.