Working out

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29 Sep

I'm a runner and enjoy running 5k races. It gives me a reason to continue exercising because I'm training for my next race. A lot of people ask why would you want to pay when you can run for free? For me it is a few things. 1. paying for it makes me more committed to training and then following through with the race, I like to pick races that donate to charities. Its a way to support a cause while doing something I love. I like to do fun races that are themed and everyone is having fun. They aren't serious so I don't have to be the fastest runner and I can have fun. I never thought I would be a runner. I ran 1 mile and 2 mile in 7th and 8th grade track. I was slow but I could run distance and most of the girls didn't want to run so I would run usually against 1 or 2 others. But after that, I had my ankle injury in 2007 and thought I wouldn't ever run again.